Health Informatics in Developing Countries

Our people specific to Developing countries research

  • Alec Holt - Director
  • Chris Paton - Lecturer
  • Muzaffar Malik - Lecturer
  • Nasser Bagheri - PhD Student
  • Prajesh Chhanabhai - PhD Student
  • Amith Koleth - PhD Student
  • Nauna Paongo - Masters Student
  • Ahmad Al-Mahdi - Masters Student

Our current/past projects

  • Health Information systems - Tonga
  • Health informatics in medical technology laboratories - Saudi Arabia
  • Infectious Disease Surveillance - Organisational Readiness for Change - Fiji
  • Spatial accessibility to Primary health care - Iran
  • Convergence of communications: consumer empowerment in an e-Health scenario - Zimbabwe, South Africa
  • E-governance, E-heath framework: a Pacific peoples approach - Cook Islands and Fiji
  • Electronic Health Records - Pakistan
  • Health Informatics - Fiji, Samoa, Tonga, Palau, Marshall Islands and Federated States of Micronesia
  • Tele-monitoring and Mobile Phones - Tanzania

Our Journal - Health Informatics in developing countries

United Nations Global Alliance for ICT and Development

Our current Developing countries focus is as follows

  • We have almost signed a MoU with COMSATS Institute of Information Technology -
  • COMSATS is an international, inter-governmental organization, aiming at socio-economic uplift of the third world through useful applications of science and technology. Currently COMSATS has 21 countries as its members located in the three continents of the globe (Asia, Africa and Latin America - Bangladesh, China, Colombia, Egypt, Ghana, Iran, Jamaica, Jordan, Kazakhstan, Korea, Nigeria, Pakistan, Philippines, Senegal, Sri Lanka, Sudan, Syria, Tanzania, Tunisia, Uganda and Zimbabwe.)
  • We have strong links with the "Technical Advisor to the United Nations on ICT for Developing countries" and we are looking ot be involbevd with the Global alliance for ICT and Development
  • We are aiming to have strong relationships with Pakistan, Tanzania, Zimbabwe, South Africa and countries from the Pacific.
  • We are thinking of running a conference on Health Informatics in Developing countries.